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Vaughn Tree Service performs land clearing in Tifton, GA. Our practices are professionally executed, and above all, extremely safe.
If a tree is showing signs of distress, the issue has progressed to the late stages. Trees will lose their leaves or decay when they are dying. Our certified arborist can meet with you to provide a consultation and inspection of the relevant trees. We are experts in local tree conditions and problems, so we know how best to solve the problem. Often, this results in necessary tree clearing.
During inspections, we will check the health of the trees by looking for signs of disease, pest infestations, and possible structural problems. You can liken this process to that of a yearly check-up at the doctor. If we can find issues early on, you will likely get to keep your trees. This is truly an invaluable process that can discover problems before they cause serious damage down the road.
Sometimes, storm damage will create the need for lot clearing. Limbs or trees might fall, which can cause severe problems for neighboring properties. If high winds don’t cause the tree to fall, they might weaken the limbs, which can cause problems later. We recommend using our tree removal services in cases like these. We will never encourage removal without good reason, because we, above all, want you to enjoy the presence and life of your trees.
If you are about to embark on new construction, we can provide site preparation. When you cut down multiple trees, stump removal becomes an issue as well. Luckily, our teams are prepared to provide that for you. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and will not leave behind a mess. For all of your landscape maintenance and tree maintenance needs, we are a one-stop shop.
Our tree services are professional and reliable. Our arborist team is highly experienced, and we have seen it all! Tree management is a vital part of our business, and we want to ensure that your yard is as beautiful and naturally varied as possible. 

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